Ten Important Life Lessons Valuation Taught Us

July 26, 2017Property valuation Standard

Activities like in the market honestly what infrastructure is there lots of things and that playing that looking at going to a market like when I first started buying properties has been about eight hours a day looking up the internet pick up the magazines going out speaking of real estate agents just get a film familiarity of what sort of happening in that local market so you can’t just go and say all this thing he looks good because something might be cheap but it may not be good value and there are lots of scenarios like.


That where you can go into an area you’ll see you know a rough patch of the area and a good area and you can go this one looks cheap but really it’s expensive it’s just in a bad area and it importantly educates or for that and don’t just pull the trigger on something and a lot of that might be emotion from the local community rather than anything physical so it may look absolutely perfect yeah but then you just don’t realize after ten o’clock at night it’s the bad been it bad end o of town exactly that’s it interesting so tore confirm that you’re going to an area you won’t pull the trigger for six months till.

You understand the www.melbournevaluers.net.au market exactly I reckon the average person would suddenly fly interstate within a couple of weekends everything maybe or properties they’d pull the trigger and they’re not professionals exactly and it’s something that I remember back in the late s and you don’t remember this one as well but like people would fly interstate and a certain state They’d buy property they’d be there for the weekend the agent to get out another BMW l murk that gets chauffeured around shown all these things off the plane they go on by some and then they come back and they fade grand overprice and it’s it’s…

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